History of Dartmoor

Dartmoor is know as the powerhouse of brewery. Agriculture has been modified and continued over the few years to evolve their landscape. Throughout the five thousand years, Dartmoor has been majority in farms currently over ninety percent of the land is actively farmed. Most of which are done by grazing dantos a sophomore at quite a lot. More land has been plowed and cultivated in order to make way through and through grassland. This is simply for better yield silage, a general feed livestock.


Simple farming methods and on the moors date back to the Bronze Age. They made the constructed reveille system using dry stone. Not only did this clear . The fields and the moorland are the better vegetation. Also simple barriers in order to manage livestock is just a parmesan before. The morning looks like and it’s heath cupboard is very boggy and there’s quite often peace places. People after that wonder, when the dark will begin to the violence what used to be covered by forests about a thousand years ago. Species such as a complete dominated the landscape.

Many humans living here was called as pot hunter society. They did very little damage to an area to move in and they introduced cut burn and turning methods. This look huge levels of deforestation from woodland telling it’s polished as a grazing of sheep from Castle. The main reason behind the landscape receipt today. During the late 18th century until the 19th century as a strong movement towards enclosing very large areas of sin from Dartmoor in order to improve rough moreland into rich pasture. It was estimated more than 6000 hectares.