The 10 tips on how to pack for your camping trips

As many are going to Dartmoor for camping trips I searched for good video tips on the internet to share with you so you could be able to have a good experience on your camping trip. The Dartmoor park is really a beautiful place that is why more people are

The list of 10 myths about beer debunked

Even if a beer is famous around the world and many people drink it many still have their own fixed idea about this commodity as a result of what they have listened and of what they are taught. In this article is the ten among beer myths that are not

Beer 101: The history of beer you might not know

In this world, there are many things that interest people. One of them is the joy and habit of drinking beer. Beer is a commodity that is widely available now. Anyone can avail and buy beer in grocery stores or convenience stores or even in vending machines. It is a

Adventure in Woodvis Park Dartmoor

It was end of the summer as we drove down to Devon stopping at okehampton station for lunch in the station Buffy. The station’s be restored to its full retro glory with all trash and locomotives to take you on a trip up the line with scenic views of Darton.