Dartmoor The land of Granite

Dartmoor National Park is a unique landscape set in the heart of southwest England. A landscape shaped by millennia of human activity, water and woodlands. The patchwork of farmed fields are all set against the backdrop of breathtaking high open moorland. Dramatic granite outcrops dominate the skyline. The remains of once giant mountains eroded and frost shattered over millions of years to leave the iconic granite tours.

Dartmoor is one of the most important Bronze Age landscapes in Western Europe containing over 5000 Hut circles and the longest stone row in the world. Whitehorse Hill situated at 600 meters on northern Dharma is the site of an important discovery which revealed the location of previously unknown prehistoric burial kissed the contents. This is where painstakingly investigated in a laboratory. It revealed an internationally important collection of items including jewelry and personal possessions against into the life of someone who lived on Dharma about 4000 years ago.

The restoration of prehistoric burial can sites and hilltops across the National Park has been undertaken with the help of volunteers as well as conversation work on the repair of leets which are the ancient waterways bringing across the moor. These are the only source of drinking water for remote farmstead. Specialist staff work across a whole range of practical projects keeping traditional skills alive. This treasured place is rich in wildlife.